Soapy Strokers


Soapy Strokers. Dean makes a mistake when he shows up at the Soapy Massage parlor. He thought he was at a bartending school so when Maia asks for his money he pays her the 0 without question. She then leads him into the room and as she takes off her clothes he realizes he is in the wrong place. He asks for his money back, but Maia tells him she cant give him a refund so he decides to stay and get the massage. She takes him to the tub and starts rubbing his body. He realizes he made the correct choice when she starts sucking and stroking his dick. She then leads him from the tub to the air mattress, coats them both in the warm soapy suds and slides her body up and down his. It is an experience unlike anything he has ever had before. She flips around into a 69 with him so he can taste her sweet pussy while she goes back to work on his cock. As he gets close she strokes him hard and lets him cum all over her. This massage beats the hell out of a night at bar tending school..

Added on: August 14, 2022
Updated on: October 26, 2022