Squirting Lesbians 3


Starring a new cast of stunning, squirting lesbians, Sweetheart Video proves once again that wetter is better! Ryan is concerned that her stepdaughter Kenzie is wetting her bed often. When she confronts her, the answer she gets is far from what she was expecting. A friendly meeting between Abigail and Adriana quickly turns into a hot and wet scene after Adriana slides Abigails hand between her legs. Serena is baking a chocolate cake for her stepdad. When she asks her stepsister Leda to help her, this family baking session goes sideways rapidly. Whitney believes she still has some alone time at home when her stepsister Mackenzie is at college. She starts masturbating and she doesnt hear her step sibling coming home. The unfortunate situation will create and different type of bonding between the two sisters.

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Added on: August 14, 2022
Updated on: October 25, 2022
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